Vocational trainings

The Article 4 association joins to the various training centers for the future professionals of the animation and the specialized education ( social workers) with the objective to allow them to discover activities in touch with the urban culture and the benefactions which this one can bring to their public. She pursues actions carried out by the Urban association Gare with them even participants.

We lead formations with destination:

  • Educative and educative monitors specialized the ITS Pierre Bourdieu in Pau
  • Trainees BAPAAT of the INFA in Pau
  • Trainees BAFA of the UFCV (internship BAFA deepening hip-hop)
  • Students of the I.T.S of Pau

During these trainings of week, the trainees are introduced to practices educational popular as well as to artistic workshops. (Writing, Dance, Beatmaking, Graff). 
The Article 4 association joined in particular with the UFCV to organize an internship of deepening BAFA directed on the urban culture.

We also intervene in schools to lead workshops with schoolchildren in situation of early school leaving (Marguerite de Navarre, Clermont, Jeanne d' Albret, Gabart), with the aim of bringing them a way of expression in adequacy with the structure which we welcome. The objective being to take the drama out of the school and to restore to the pupils the envy to learn but also to give them a way of playful and effective expression.