Professional future does not invent! Indeed, the work of creation often begins with the writing or the composition. But still it is necessary to know how to concretize its artistic vision, to give meaning to its practice and to reach its realization.
So the association proposes various services to its artists members:

- The arrangement of texts
- Vocal coaching
- Musical arrangement
- Recording studio
- Levelling, Mastering

The raw material created time, the purpose is not that it stays on a hard disk... it thus owes be interpreted on stage; from then on, a reflection in cooperation with the artist is led to help him to realize at best a "live" of his production.


The stage is THE PLACE where the artist has to show himself. It is so much, to see more important than the work of creation. It is even THE complementary creation. But it is not still obvious to dread it. That is why, thanks to our various partners, such as AMPLI " The road of the sound ", P.C.P .,we set up spaces of elaboration and repetition of scenic show:

- In recording studio
- In studio of repetition
- On stage in scenic repetition, where are to work in particular, the stage's placement, the scenic set, the data sheet and the plans of light.


Further to the work realized upstream, the artist can now claim to a scenic display in front of a public. But he needs visibility. The association proposes thus various tools to the artists:
- A web site http: // on which artists' catalog is available
- The getting in touch with a communication agency 
- The possibility of making first parts of concerts or events.