Shaka is a young rapper from Pau, member of the group Nitrophonie and the collective Under Dwellers. Enthusiast of Rap, he begins by scratching small ends of texts in his corner. But his meeting in 2009 with "kikeurs" will lead him in freestyler in town, instrumentals on the mobile. One thing leading to another, crews forms and sounds begin to go out in 2012, in particular with the group Nitrophonie. Through the association premises Gare Urbaine, it will make its first weapons on stage.
Its recognizable and indisputable flow and its feather of a quality from the first rhyme, will allow him of beings regularly invited to rest with other artists as Zoologik or The Désordre. In March, 2015, with his accomplice nitrophonien DiBi, they take out their first album in free download 

"The season of the big rhymes". 

He concentrates on his first solo project "Sourire en coin" today which will include 8 titles and should go out in November, 2015.

A la rencontre de SHAKA