Terms & Conditions


As a producer, Article 4 will provide the show, lasting beforehand established, fully assembled and artistic responsibility for the representation.
As an employer, it will assume the remuneration, social and fiscal burdens included staff attached to the show. It will include up to solicit, in good time to the competent authorities, the authorizations for the employment of artists in the show.
The producer will provide all elements of sets, costumes and accessories, and, more generally, all artistic elements necessary for the performance of the show other than possibly put in the charge of the Organizer.
The producer will provide sheets and rider, forward-looking and technical conditions and conditions of canteen and restoration of its staff on the place of representation, as well as the contract of assignment.
The producer undertakes to communicate, as soon as possible, the promotional agreements of its media partners. The organiser shall comply with the agreements concluded between the producer and its media partners.

Licence N °: 2-1084259


Organizer, Article 4 will provide the place of representation in running order, including the necessary personnel unloading and reloading, mounting and dismantling, and service of the representations. It will also place general service: reception, accommodation, catering, running, and potential security service. As an employer, it will assume the remuneration, social and fiscal costs included personnel attached to the show except in the case of partnership with the place of home and the terms which will be provided upon the signing of the contract.

The organiser undertakes to communicate as soon as possible on the upcoming event and promote it on the basis of agreements concluded with the producer; It will make every effort to smooth running of the show.

Licence N °: 3-1084260